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The Value of Independence

As a firm supporting independent advisors, our primary commitment is to you, our client. LPL has no obligations to product manufacturers, marketing organizations or home offices, which promotes our advisors independence. At Bay Financial, the main focus is serving our clients.

Our advisors provide personalized financial planning and investment advice based on a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances and philosophy about wealth management. We offer the benefit of our experience, education and professional training to help people like you pursue their personal financial goals.

Our mission

Our advisors strive to help their clients pursue greater financial success and greater purpose. We work closely with our clients to help them develop plans that respond to their specific goals, objectives, and values.

At every step of the process and throughout the relationship, our clients can count on our personalized expertise and thorough dedication to their success.

We support this process by ensuring that our clients have access to;

  • Leading-edge resources
  • Independent research
  • Client-focused strategies
  • Efficient technology

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